My Story

I get it! I've been where you are and I understand the confusion and frustration. I know what it's like to want to feel better and take charge of your health and life; To be imprisoned by the consequences of a less-than-healthy life and want change.

As a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, I strongly believe that nutritional care is of the utmost importance in regaining your health and vitality. I will educate you on lifestyle changes including healthy eating, exercise and stress reduction. My 20 years of experience, along with the use of scientific principles, research and practical skills, has led to the success of my clients.

The more I began to feel this need for change, the more I learned, the more obvious it became to me that we are in a health crisis.

My journey back to health began at an early age when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. My disease brought on extreme pain, hormonal and weight imbalances, as well as infertility. Hoping to make my condition better, I embarked on a medical journey which included multiple surgeries, various diagnostic procedures and multiple experimental medications. Through no fault of my many physicians and practitioners I found no relief. I then knew I needed to seek alternative assistance.

After staying consistent with my new healthier lifestyle, I received a miracle - the conception of my daughter.

It was then that I embraced traditional Chinese herbal medicine and met Dr. Lam and Mrs. Lam who continue to be my mentors and teachers today. I worked with them and my medical team while changing my nutritional and lifestyle habits. After staying consistent with my new healthier lifestyle, I received a miracle - the conception of my daughter. A long sad 10 year period of infertility finally over, I enjoyed a happy healthy pregnancy and gained 60 pounds in the process.

Upon the safe delivery of my healthy daughter, I again realized that I needed to get healthy for her as well as myself.

Applying the education and dedicating myself to hard work, I began to abide by a healthy lifestyle. It has since been my mission through lobbying, educating and active living to revolutionize food, nutrition and health.

It is with this experience, both personal and professional that I want to help you on your journey to seek your healthiest life.

Yours truly,

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